Jimi Hendrix Art

Jimi – 2022

Hendrix Art

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Blind contour style capturing the vibe of Hendrix and his music. Original art print by New Orleans artist Joshua Matherne.

Joshua explores the light-hearted side of life with bold colors and stunning depictions of ordinary situations. His unique portrayal of characters, animals and emotions has captured the attention of collectors worldwide. Each of his works has as much of an emotional attachment as it has brushstrokes. His work balances ordinary life with a deeper and more meaningful existence that can only be observed by taking the time to slow down and take in the world around you. One could say that his work has a rhythm, much like the music that inspires the pieces that he creates, whether it be directly through subject or indirectly through the music playing in his head.

Each piece is wonderfully captured using the most suitable media for his vision at the time of creation; whether it be oils, acrylics, inks, or even digital media. No matter the subject or the path taken to the finished product, viewing his dynamic and whimsical works of art is a truly gratifying experience.

Every giclee print meets the artist’s strict standard of quality and color accuracy. The baryta paper was chosen for its ability to bring the bold colors to life with a beautiful, underlying texture of a museum grade paper.

Final week for the Jimi Hendrix art exhibit at @thenormandepot. See the collection of black and white photos of Jim… https://t.co/uKcBn6549M

Jimi Hendrix Art