One day, after may years away from art, I decided that it was time to reacquaint myself with creative expression.  It was during that time that I was introduced to oil painting by my lovely wife.  The fluidity of the oils, alongside the highly pigmented colors, paved the way to "Music Alley" and opened the door to a satisfying career in visual art.


MY Story

Joshua Matherne

Joshua Matherne's distinctive style has been refined over the years, but he has always stayed true to his core purpose - to provide enjoyment to others through the use of subject, line and color.  His unique style is recognized internationally and his profile just keeps on growing.

Born in the outskirts of New Orleans, he came from a small town. During his childhood, he was constantly exposed to the culturally rich heritage of New Orleans.  Music, Mardi Gras and architecture made a lasting impression on him as a child,  and would eventually influence many of his works.

During his twenties he decided to reacquaint himself with the arts and began pursuing a career as an artist.  It was during this period that Josh started to forge his artistic style by experimenting with color and lines. He eventually arrived at the working method that he uses on every piece.

Every piece that he creates stems from either his love of music or his love of animals.  He observes animals and attempts to capture each one's unique personality and expression in each of his works.

His paintings captivate people. They often invoke a sense of joy and happiness.  Many times, they feel that they can relate to the subjects because they are based on real world observations.  The creative perspective that Josh provides is both relatable and distant to the viewer, making his pieces interesting, perplexing, and collectible.


Joshua Matherne's unique, stylish, figurative work represents his highly personal take on people, animals, and their defining personalities, making him a highly sought after contemporary artist.